Bayangan ‘Bersendirian Berhad’ Indonesia Tour 2018 & Cassette Release

Malaysia and Indonesia have a bold relationships when discussing about the hub between their independent music scene. Many Indonesian bands who have toured in Malaysia and not a few Malaysian bands who set foot in Indonesia. One of them is Bayangan. An alter ego from Fikri Fadzil, a neo-folk artist and singer-songwriter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Bayangan’s music touches on subject matters of living in contemporary urban Malaysia, from personal relationships to societal issues. First emerging in the Malaysian and Southeast Asian music scene in 2016, Bayangan gained critical acclaim for his debut single, “Kuala Lumpur”, receiving exemplary reviews from prominent Malaysian publication JuiceMY. The single made it onto TimeOut KL’s list of Top 30 Local Tracks of 2016, placing #8 on the list. “Kuala Lumpur” was also selected by Vans Malaysia to be featured as the opening track in their 2017 video documentary, “Demi: A Pa’din Musa Documentary”.

After spending the last two years writing, producing, and recording his own new materials, Bayangan release their debut album entitled “Bersendirian Berhad”. “Bersendirian Berhad” arrives to showcase Bayangan’s sparse yet intense brand of folk music. The instrumentation on each track are minimal, creating dreamy soundscapes to compliment his soothing vocal delivery, reverberating throughout the entire record. Digging into a deep well of emotions, Bayangan turns his life experiences and emotional upheaval into a source of inspiration, and paints his reflections and thoughts into song. With a sombre palate throughout, the album speaks gently about the demagnetisation of one’s life compass, being fully present in each moment, and allowing it to slowly and organically regain consciousness.

The album cover artwork by Malaysian visual artist Blank poetically encapsulates the album concept — centered on a stunning photograph by photographer Adely Adnan, the imagery depicts a Balinese cremation ceremony “Ngaben”, where the ashes of the deceased is scattered to the sea, releasing the soul so it can enter the upper realm where it can wait to be reborn or become liberated from the cycles of rebirth.

Having previously toured Malaysia and Singapore, Bayangan is preparing to tour Indonesia after the release of the debut album “Bersendirian Berhad” with detail dates, places and supporting artists as follows:

Batu, August 3rd – Folk Music Festival 2018
Solo, August 5th – Hema Records & Bejana Presents (venue TBA)
Yogyakarta, August 7th – Ruang Gulma (venue TBA)
Semarang, August 8th – Serum 45 (venue: Mukti Cafe) – with Azmyl Yunor
Bandung, August 9th – Loubelle – with Azmyl Yunor
Jakarta, August 10th – Kios Ojo Keos – with Azmyl Yunor
Bogor, August 11th – Lionglatte Collective (venue TBA) – with Azmyl Yunor
Jatiwangi, August 12th – Jatiwangi Art Factory – with Azmyl Yunor
Surabaya, August 13th – Qubicle Centre – with Azmyl Yunor



To support the artist, we print limited tour t-shirt that can be found in each cities.

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Bayangan ‘Bersendirian Berhad’ Tour T-shirt


In addition, “Bersendirian Berhad” which was previously released in CD and digital format through Bright Lights Production Sdn Bhd will be re-released in limited tape format by independent label from Solo, Hema Records. Both CDs and cassettes will be available for sale during Bayangan tours in Indonesia. For more detailed information regarding the tour and cassette ordering can be accessed through Hema Records official website.



Compact Cassette

August 2nd, 2018

1. Gita / Malam 05:55
2. Cagaran Mimpi 05:12
3. Putera Jaya 03:30
4. Remaja 04:45
5. Mekar 05:53
6. Kuala Lumpur 02:14
7. Jaringan 03:25
8. www 02:48
9. Penutup (Samsara) 04:59

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