“Summer Never Go” out May 10th via Hema Records

Reunited as a bandmate in mid-late 2014 in Solo, these 3 youngsters are eager to introduce a new entity to the surrounding people. It’s not easy for people out there to imagine what kind of independent music scene in this city, not so many to mention. That’s why the passion for choosing a different way of music made Hema Records choose them to be representative roster of the label’s hometown. Formed as a natural instinct that always wants to express the wild side was gave The Scenesters place as a young band that worth listening to. For almost 4 years active in the local scene and have released two singles, now Surya, Hamza and Caroluce are ready to present their debut mini-album as proof of his work over the past years.

‘Summer Never Go’ comes with an easy delivery, just like to show how they are in music honestly. When most people think growing up means being mature, for them, growing means being free to have fun, letting it all flow to find its way. The shouts that keep coming about how to be born in a new playground, getting people around to ask them, celebrating their excitement without bothering others. Chanting new freedom, without missing the moment in the summer. Until the day they get tired by themselves. That’s how they want to express all these stories into this mini album. Track by track come with punchy bass line, scuzzy guitar with drifted dense melody, dirty vocal and waving a lo-fi sound. Which the sounds on this album was quite influenced by the enthusiasm of 90s music with the strains of surf-rock. All summarized into a mini album containing 7 songs with a 21 minute playing time.

This mini-album will be released in CD and Digital format through Indonesian-Solo based independent label, Hema Records. Before the album to be released, we launch a single titled “Summer Never Go” to be played through Hema Records’s website. We also begin preorder session for CD and bundle for those who want to get the album exclusively after the release date. More special because we pack it with unconventional look, with cover art done specially by friend and artist from Solo, Fauzan Abusalam. As a contribution to family, friends and listeners, the band will hold an event related to the release of the album in their hometown, Solo in June. More details information about dates and venues will be announced through the official Hema Records pages as soon as the album is released.

“Anthems about happiness & leisure with punchy bassline, scuzzy guitars and waving lo-fi sound.”


CD Pro

May 10, 2018

01. Summer Never Go
02. Fly
03. Happiness, beauty
04. Bedsick
05. Give Me Some Beach
06. Huges
07. Scenesters, Soon



IDR 240.000,-
IDR 50.000,-

Available for wholesale order, please make contact to sales@hemarecords.com